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Barkdusters, Inc.

Barkdusters offers bark blower services to the Portland, OR area. We install bark dust, compost, soil blends, and playground chips. We have been serving Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA since 1985. Our company favors bark dust blowing for a number of reasons, such as saving time and effort and the many benefits that bark dust brings to your garden plants.

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With Bark Dust Blowing, You Can:

  • Improve overall aesthetics of your landscape
  • Naturally prevent weeds
  • Conserve water by retaining moisture in the roots of plants during summer
  • Insulate the roots for the winter freezes
  • Avoid mulch piles left in your driveway
  • Gain access to hard to reach areas
  • Prevent mud in heavy rains
  • Reduce soil loss and movement

Our services are available to homeowners, landscapers, schools, apartments, homeowner associations, general contractors, property management companies, and local cities.

Call Barkdusters today at 503-636-1465 & 360-253-6579.

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